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Project Absolution


Join a community where I post daily training sessions, get updated on new content releases, log your training, track your progress, and engage in friendly competition. This community will be best for those with some training experience, but if not, I'll get you up to speed. I post six workouts per week that average one to two hours long. This program is ideal for those ready for "full-send" style training. This community specializes in training for general development so you can handle anything life throws at you.

This program is written assuming you have access to a standard commercial gym; however, I have substitutions written for those working out from home or with limited access to equipment. This is the ideal training program for military personnel, off-season athletes, or individuals who want to develop an all-around base of athleticism. Workouts can easily be modified to suit individuals with more specific goals or scaled back for those unable to complete all the training. You can contact me anytime through the TrainHeroic app if you have questions.

  • Develop strength through a variety of compound movements such as dips, shoulder presses, pullups, split squats, rows, and the classic BSD.

  • Develop power by performing speed-style lifts and various jumping exercises

  • Interval and sprint training to develop speed

  • Build muscle through various isolation movements including innovative exercises that also help to develop core, hip, and shoulder stability

  • Long-distance runs on Saturdays. Users may also elect to hike, swim, bike, row, or find another aerobic activity of their choice to develop endurance.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Click the link below to get access to Project Absolution!

Project Absolution
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